{8573129808} 5 foot tall real RED HAIR *** spinner *** out & INN call – 22

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The good: Oh so tiny and tight :) Nearly perfect little mosquito bite titties.. Nearly perfect I say as they do have some stretch marks. Small, tight little ass. The red hair is sexy as fuck. She makes hot little squeaky sex noises too.

The bad: As much passion as a hand shake, fully covered bj. Very mechanical sex, didn’t see to like having her titties touched. Didn’t get to suck them, no kissing, no daty. Residential Incall, in OK neighborhood.

Overall: It felt great to be inside her and it’s always nice to play with a spinner like this once in a while but I might look elsewhere if you need the GFE.

I paid 80hh.

~~HOT~~ From Backpage

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Pictures are taken from the most flattering angle possible, she’s not ugly but not the prettiest face ever(pits from acne, etc). Her body is on the softer side with some stretch marks. Breast are have a bit of sag and lots of tats.

Her incall is a bit sketchy, but I haven’t had a problem there. Sometimes there are other people around so it’s not the greatest vibe. If that worries you she does do outcall.

On the plus side she is enthusiastic, will give one of those nice deep throated, gagging on it type of bjs and she really gets into the fucking. The best part is she’s extremely reasonable with her rates, $50.00 each time.


Lansing Accupressure Spa

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I’ll cut to quick on this place:

517-887-0903 *
1315 Holmes Rd. # F, Lancing, MI 48910

Only as last resort should you bother with this place. Bad neighborhood, girl I had a massage with was chubby and unattractive. Massage lasted just seconds, covered full service was available for $160+40 for the half hour.

Just go to Hawaii spa or L.A. spa.

L.A. SPA Portland, MI


LA SPA in Portland, MI is just a short drive from Lansing.  Is it worth the drive? Answer, possibly.
I’ve been twice and saw two different girls.  Ruby and Jenny.  I’ll start with Jenny as this was a great experience.
Jenny is a very tiny, slim bodied hottie with nice firm proportionate breast to her body, I’d say a B-cup.  No implants! The implants at these places are god awful looking so this is a bonus.  Anyway,  jet black hair and dark features against soft and smooth dark tan skin. Sexy face and smile and dressed to impress in a skin tight dress.  Hottest girl I’ve yet seen in an AMP.

I saw her only for a happy ending as I did not bring enough with for otherwise due to previous bad experience with Ruby.  The massage part of the visit was short and unimpressive as with most of these places.  She then asked who I had seen before, I told her Ruby and that I had paid an extra $60 for a hand job.  She agreed on the same and performed a wonderful hand job that finished me off in just minutes.  She was naked while performing the hand job and straddled my face for a wonderful view as she worked.  I would go again just for this if I could see Jenny again.

Ruby on the other is another story.  She’s older,  and dressed up in clothes appears to have a rockin’ body. I was excited to see her undress.  One of the worse boob jobs ever,  I know I use this description a lot but they really did look like overstuffed glad bags. Such a turn off.

She also did a half-assed massage and then had me roll over on my back. She played with my balls until I was hard and then started to talk price.  Never talk price in this condition, that is a good piece of advice.  Anyway, I got covered full service for a bit more than I wanted to pay.

The place itself is not as nice as Hawaii Spa and bit shadier.  Overall,  I’d go again if I was getting sick of Hawaii Spa or I was passing through but I would go with the following mind.

Bring in only the amount I’m willing to spend and stand firm on that amount.  Full service at these places can be had for $200, $40 for the half hour and $160 for the extras.  Be prepared to settle for a hand job if they won’t comply.

Did I mention that Jenny was hot?

5811 E Grand River Ave
Portland, MI 48875

Layla from Lansing Craigslist


Setting up the appointment was easy and she arrived just moments later.
Her ad says “‘I’m 23 years old, 5’3, 132 lbs. with curve’s in all the right places!”  That is pretty accurate I’d say,  she’s not thin but not fat either.  She does have some loose skin/stretch marks but overall a nice looking woman.   Also, she has some tattoos but noting major. Pictures in the ad are accurate.

She is not one to make you feel at ease. I personally feel much more comfortable if the provide can see the money laying out in plain site and just take it rather than asking for it.  I thought this was basically how things are supposed to work.  So when she asked for the money, I nodded in its direction.

Additionally, I know I am no treat to sleep with, really.  She was the first provider, of many, that has ever clearly shown her disgust for doing so.  Her whole attitude was like “eew.”  Banged her quick like just to get things over.  She also pulled me out as I was coming.  This kind ruined things, didn’t feel as good as it could of.  I had a condom on, that was not having any kind of slippage issues or anything.  Not sure why she did this, but again pretty much ruined the experience.  The whole thing really felt much more like a chore for me probably as much as it did for her.

I paid $100 for the visit, I’d probably pass next time around unless she was the provider of last resort.   Your mileage may very if she is not disgusted with you.

Recent ad posting — http://lansing.craigslist.org/ads/1859244765.html

(517) 204-8732



Having a hard time summing up my thoughts on here. It was pretty mixed experience. Her incall location is in a pretty bad neighborhood, her neighbors were gathered outside. Had to walk past them to get to her door, I almost left before getting out of my car. Know this ahead of time and be prepared.

Her attitude is great, she was welcoming and made me feel at ease. I was glad I decided to push past her neighbors and brave the hood.

At first glance she is a pretty girl, but you can tell she has been around the block and looks older than her years. Physically, her breast are large but rather droopy and almost disappear from falling to the side when she lays down. Her tummy is stretched marked and loose.

Skill wise she is very good, scrape free uncovered blow job with good tongue action. Made eye contact while performing the bj. The covered full service was also very good. She is not loose at all and it felt as if she was squeezing and releasing her pussy as she rode me.

I would recommend that you expect her to not be prepared with a condom and to bring your own. She had one but had to dig around to find it, almost got stuck with just a bj.

Pricing was a bit high for a girl of this caliber, $150 was quoted with a plea for an additional $50. This price should get you into the more elite type companions with a nice incall location. If you see her, be prepared for this plea over and above what was quoted and only bring money to cover the stated donation.


Verdict: Avoid! Maybe? I’d see her again, but not for $150.

Hawaii Health Spa


The girls here run the gambit from used up older woman with awful looking breast implants that look like over stuffed glad bags to hot, tight and young girls likely 18 or just over. Luck of the draw but I’ve had good luck by remembering the names of the girls I don’t like and asking them not to send them to me — avoid Pat and Daisy.

Pricing for me has been as follows:

$40 for a half hour,  $60 for an hour.  Don’t bother with the $60 it’s not really worth it.  If you have been here a couple of times the girls will likely want to skip the massage, not normally very good anyway, and move right on to the happy ending.  $40 for the half will work just fine here.

Happy ending wise I’ve had everything from a hand job to uncovered full service. The uncovered full service was rather unexpected and not recommended. She just kinda hopped on and carried on until completion.  This has not happened again and since then even blow jobs have been covered.

Pricing wise this is how it has worked for me:

$40 + $60  = hand job

$40 + $100 = blow job

$40 + $160 = full service

Hawaii Health Spa
(517) 645-0004
4979 Lansing Rd, Charlotte, MI 48813


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