The girls here run the gambit from used up older woman with awful looking breast implants that look like over stuffed glad bags to hot, tight and young girls likely 18 or just over. Luck of the draw but I’ve had good luck by remembering the names of the girls I don’t like and asking them not to send them to me — avoid Pat and Daisy.

Pricing for me has been as follows:

$40 for a half hour,  $60 for an hour.  Don’t bother with the $60 it’s not really worth it.  If you have been here a couple of times the girls will likely want to skip the massage, not normally very good anyway, and move right on to the happy ending.  $40 for the half will work just fine here.

Happy ending wise I’ve had everything from a hand job to uncovered full service. The uncovered full service was rather unexpected and not recommended. She just kinda hopped on and carried on until completion.  This has not happened again and since then even blow jobs have been covered.

Pricing wise this is how it has worked for me:

$40 + $60  = hand job

$40 + $100 = blow job

$40 + $160 = full service

Hawaii Health Spa
(517) 645-0004
4979 Lansing Rd, Charlotte, MI 48813