LA SPA in Portland, MI is just a short drive from Lansing.  Is it worth the drive? Answer, possibly.
I’ve been twice and saw two different girls.  Ruby and Jenny.  I’ll start with Jenny as this was a great experience.
Jenny is a very tiny, slim bodied hottie with nice firm proportionate breast to her body, I’d say a B-cup.  No implants! The implants at these places are god awful looking so this is a bonus.  Anyway,  jet black hair and dark features against soft and smooth dark tan skin. Sexy face and smile and dressed to impress in a skin tight dress.  Hottest girl I’ve yet seen in an AMP.

I saw her only for a happy ending as I did not bring enough with for otherwise due to previous bad experience with Ruby.  The massage part of the visit was short and unimpressive as with most of these places.  She then asked who I had seen before, I told her Ruby and that I had paid an extra $60 for a hand job.  She agreed on the same and performed a wonderful hand job that finished me off in just minutes.  She was naked while performing the hand job and straddled my face for a wonderful view as she worked.  I would go again just for this if I could see Jenny again.

Ruby on the other is another story.  She’s older,  and dressed up in clothes appears to have a rockin’ body. I was excited to see her undress.  One of the worse boob jobs ever,  I know I use this description a lot but they really did look like overstuffed glad bags. Such a turn off.

She also did a half-assed massage and then had me roll over on my back. She played with my balls until I was hard and then started to talk price.  Never talk price in this condition, that is a good piece of advice.  Anyway, I got covered full service for a bit more than I wanted to pay.

The place itself is not as nice as Hawaii Spa and bit shadier.  Overall,  I’d go again if I was getting sick of Hawaii Spa or I was passing through but I would go with the following mind.

Bring in only the amount I’m willing to spend and stand firm on that amount.  Full service at these places can be had for $200, $40 for the half hour and $160 for the extras.  Be prepared to settle for a hand job if they won’t comply.

Did I mention that Jenny was hot?

5811 E Grand River Ave
Portland, MI 48875